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AspxCommerce is an open source ecommerce solution that offers rich features to build attractive, secure and fully functional online stores in minutes. Built over the rigorous foundation of SageFrame, AspxCommerce lets you create a customizable storefront; manage products through categories and subcategories, accept payments through credit cards and ship the ordered products to the customers. AspxCommerce has everything set up for you, so that you can focus on building your fully functional online store right away. 

AspxCommerce’s appeal lies in the flexibility that it guarantees to users ranging from developers and designers to far away merchants. Its competitive features include single click installation, easily managed promotional banners, faster store performance, a wide range of varieties in template selection and accessibility to interactive modules like community poll, customer testimonials and Google map store locator. In addition, the catalog management and browsing feature allows users to locate their desired product with a systematic search whereas; the same feature allows store keepers to display products hierarchically. Besides, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support ensures high customer flow to your store without you having to worry about the rankings of your site. Analytics of day-to-day performance is readily available for tracking customer behaviors and making necessary reforms to your store!

It has now come up with yet another upgrade: AspxCommerce 2.7. The reason behind the release of version 2.7 is to empower your online stores with the latest ecommerce trends across the globe as well as to provide a strong technological backup making your e-shops not only functional but also scalable and fully stable.

Besides all these powers that exist in its predecessor, some of the notable upgrades in AspxCommerce2.7 include:

Security Enhancement

  • Fine-Tuning the security algorithms
  • Instant detection and treatment of malicious functions
  • Page-wise SSL encryption

Web Performance Optimization

  • Dynamic JS/CSS Bundling
    - Minimized HTTP Requests/Redirects
  • Database Tuning
    - Better Indexing
    - Reduced Database Round-Trips
  • Code Refinement
    - Reduced Code-level Memory Leaks
    - JQuery Usage Optimized

Several Bugs Fixed



For testing purposes :-
Free Demo :

Useful Resources

» AspxCommerce Official Website
» Technology and System Requirements
» AspxCommerce Demo Store
» Community Forums
» YouTube Channel


Highlighted Features General Features
  • Security Enhancement
  • Performance Optimization
  • Admin Localization
  • Dynamic Image Resizing
  • Index Management
  • 100 Fluid Grid System
  • SignalR for Real-Time Updates
  • Admin Notification
  • Friendly UI/UX
  • Dynamic Attributes
  • Inventory and Stock Management
  • Group and KIT Products
  • Group and Special Pricing
  • Database and CSS Optimization


  • Store Sales Reports
  • Guest CheckOut
  • Multiple Tax Rates
  • SEO Optimized
  • Single Click Installation
  • Promotional Banner
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
  • Full Analytics and Reporting
  • Product Browsing
  • Order Management


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